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Digital Product design is about defining the entire product. And it all starts with the people who are actually going to use it. No matter if it is an iOS App, Android App or just about any digital system. At Dreamify we design digital products with a human centered approach using tools such as inclusive design and a design thinking process.

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Digital product design

We design for people

We genuinely care for people and use our good intent and expertise to craft experiences that improve lives on a global scale. After all, having a product that connects with people is also fundamental to its business success. 

design for people

Collecting Data

Research & Discovery

Who will use the product and where in the business landscape does it fit?

We start by creating an understanding of your business and the environment in which it operates. We also dive deep into your target audience to get a grasp of their needs, desires, pain points and behaviors.

Product design research

Know your audience

Understanding the people who are most likely to buy your product is fundamental for your business to thrive. The deeper the understanding, the more likely it is your product will be a success. You can start off by analyzing your competitors and their customers.

What are they saying about your competitors product on Instagram, Facebook, Online forums and in reviews? How are they behaving on Youtube videos when talking about the product? Don’t be afraid to go into details here, they can reveal a lot about your target audience.

Take action


The next step is to turn our research findings into smart and actionable steps. These steps are tied to business goals that are defined with great care to maximize your products market outreach and success. We build a solid digital marketing strategy where we set guidelines for creating the best possible content, look for potential partnerships, analyze your competitors and find ways to outmatch them.

strategy digital product design

Setting Business Goals

When defining your business goals, you need to set goals that are aligned with what you really want. When you write down those goals, you have to feel that it is the right goals for you and your business vision. Feelings never lie, and if you want to achieve lasting success, your goals have to come from your heart and gut.

Don’t overthink the process, rely on your gut and let your fingers and hands write down what feels right. Then, when you have a decent list of truly inspiring goals, it is wise to analyze them from a more logical viewpoint.

Get Creative

Ideation & Execution

We use the research findings, business goals and digital marketing strategy to guide the creative process. Our team brainstorm on design ideas and explores the best solutions to your user’s problems and your business goals. All along, we watch over your digital product design like a hawk and turn those ideas that stand out into an interactive prototype. This prototype is tested with your core target group to gather invaluable feedback.

create ideas product design

Build Measure Learn

Refinement & Iteration

The creative process continues in cycles using the build-measure-learn method: We keep polishing the prototype by testing it, gathering more feedback and refining, over and over. We don’t stop until your product has evolved into digital design perfection, ready and set for development.

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