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The e-commerce industry is growing faster than ever and are replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar stores. We help you establish a WordPress e-commerce business by building you a rock solid online store on the WooCommerce platform.

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Sell Faster

Attract Your Top Shoppers

Not everyone will buy your product right from the start. By having a crystal clear e-commerce SEO strategy we will do all we can to identify the specific audience that is most willing to buy your products. By doing so, and understanding how they will find your store, we help you kickstart your sales. That way, your WooCommerce store grows and you’ll get more customers.


Attract shoppers buying

Product Optimization

Let Your Products Persuade

When your visitors feel like your product can be trusted, they will soon become more interested. By focusing on writing a crisp product description, adding high quality images and collecting reviews, we let your products convince your customers in no time. 

Persuade e-commerce customers

Checkout Optimization

Smooth Shopping Experiences

If your visitors shall become returning customers, the user experience needs to be close to flawless. We’ll make sure that the customer, no matter what device they’re interacting with, can go smoothly from the product page all the way to checkout.

Smooth shopping experience

100+ Payment Methods

Let Shoppers Pay Their Way

Everyone has their favourite payment service. With the right payment solution we’ll make sure to optimize the checkout experience so your sales can successfully increase. By relying on the single most popular e-commerce platform in the world, WooCommerce, we can help you integrate hundreds of the most popular payment services.

Selection Of Payment Methods

Choose between over 100 different payment methods for your online store. Rely on easy and fast integration.

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Shipping Without a Hassle

Your goods need to get into the hands of your customers to make sure logistics runs smoothly. We’ll help you find the right shipping solution for your needs and integrate them in your WordPress e-commerce store.

Increase Sales

After Shop Launch

  • Analyze sales e-commerce

    Analyze your sales

    We make it easy for you to analyze your sales in Google Analytics so that you can understand your success in numbers

  • Scale your online store

    Scale your online store

    The WooCommerce platform has a wide range of plugins and endless opportunities so you can grow with it

  • Newsletter e-commerce

    Sell more with newsletters

    We’ll make sure MailChimp becomes your friend when it’s time to reach out to your audience via email marketing

Go Green

Sustainable E-commerce

Today, to be considered a modern and trustworthy e-commerce business, you have to think about sustainability. Sustainability is not only a trend, it’s also an important part of your brand. As your digital agency, we will make sure to contribute to your long-term sustainability strategy and to show off your green values in the store design, copywriting and messaging.


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